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PrimeCut Delta
A high performance CNC-cutting machine with rigid design for tough conditions:

The PrimeCut Delta sets new standards in terms of flexibility and precision for thermal cutting with Plasma and/or Oxy-Fuel.

Due to its advanced design, the machine is remarkably versatile and flexible to almost any cutting requirements in this machine class in sizes from 2.000 up to 12.000 mm width (up to 11.000 mm cutting width), and combines the latest development in AC drive technology with backlash-free planetary gears in conjunction with the Advanced Smart Windows® Touch screen control and the Wireless Remote Control for operator mobility.

Various precision plasma cutting tools allow quality cuts in steel up to 160 mm thickness at a material depending cutting speed up to 9.000 mm/min max. Beside a high accurate precision plasma cutting, the PrimeCut Delta can be installed as an Multi Oxy-Fuel machine with up to 10 tool stations, or be equipped with 3D Auto beveling head high precision bevel cutting on large sheet metal plates as well as on 3D structural steel constructions to perform I, V, Y, X and K-cuts.

The combination with a Pipe handling device turns the PrimeCut Delta into an efficient multifunctional cutting machine -. the ideal solution for steel construction, shipbuilding, and chemical works industries.

EPCA Germany offers a variety of drilling and tapping tool stations reaching from small drilling heads for soft sandwich materials to heavy duty drilling and tapping units with internal cooling of tool and a possibility of automatic tool change. Various marking tools as zinc powder marker, punch and Arc-Marker as well as needle marker are available.

PrimeCut Gamma
The ultimate all-in-one Solution available for small production facilities.

The PrimeCut Gamma is the accurate, compact, versatile and reliable cutting system in flatbed design for accurate hole and contour cutting with Precision Plasma. Optional one single Oxy-Fuel torch may be adapted for thicker material up to 50mm.
With the 3D-Bevel head and Pipe handling device is ideally suited to cut miscellaneous steel tubes.
Thanks to the auto-beveling function, the cut faces are executed in the correct angle and allow joints to be welded together easily.
Field proven mechanical design and easy CNC operation ensure a refreshing approach to repetitious, time-consuming tasks.
The compact solution for steel construction and job shops.

PrimeCut Vento
For HVAC Applications as well as for small job shops demands.

EPCA Germany offers the PrimeCut Vento with Air Plasma systems. It comes as a complete plasma cutting system designed for duct work production in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry as well as for small job shops demands. Exhaust Filter and/or Coil Feeder can be provided as well as one Oxy-Fuel torch for specials short-term demands
The precise longitudinal guide rail is located on the cutting table for easy loading and unloading plates. The combination of accurate AC drives, rigid tubular beam construction and downdraft cutting table ensures precise positioning resulting in high quality cuts considering a safe working environment

PrimeCut Mono
The economic cutting solution

The PrimeCut Mono ensures exact cutting results at reasonable costs.
The PrimeCut Mono comes in two sizes and is the ideal solution for small job companies and repair shops. The stiff design of the machine with single side AC drive in longitudinal allows to cut exact and efficient with various Air Plasma systems and tactile height control, depending on the application.

PrimeCut Fiber
Highest Productivity with breakthrough design features

The PrimeCut machine series reduce maintenance, decrease cycle time and improve production throughput at excellent cutting quality:
The PrimeCut Fiber consists of a portal laser cutting machine with lightproof booth, exhaust filter system and shuttle table, available for an effective cutting area of up to max. 4.000 x 12.000 mm.
The biggest advantage of the system beside the excellent cutting performance is the fact, that while the machine is performing the precise and accurate laser cutting process, the three stage operating shuttle table can be unloaded and charged at almost no idle time.
The productivity will be increased by almost 100% compared to conventional systems while the operator is protected against rays, noise and fume.

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EPCA Germany

Advanced technology combined with face to face relationship and an in-depth understanding of customers needs – that is what EPCA Germany as a supplier of Renewable Energy Applications, Thermal Cutting Machines and Automation Technology stands for. Customers are companies active in Renewable Energy Applications, Steel Construction, Shipbuilding, Vehicle Manufacturing, General Fabrication and Heavy Metal Industries – they all trust in the EPCA Germany expertise.


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