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FlexiCut CSV
The universal hand cutting machines for the daily tasks at highest standards

The FlexiCut CSV is established, hand guided gas cutting machine - built for long life service. Ease of use and a sturdy structure have made the FlexiCut CSV a highly regarded machine for over 40 years for all daily demands in practice for straight and bevel cutting (0° -45°). In addition to hand-guided contour sections, carried out very easily by single handed operating, appropriate accessories for accurate straight line and circular contour cuts are available at no extra costs. Another advantage of this well established machine is an overrunning clutch for exact lead-in and the easy access to all controls by the guide hand.

The advantages

  • Flexible, one hand operated Oxy-Fuel cutting machine
  • Performs free contouring, straight line cutting and circular sections as I & V-cuts
  • Integrated guide rollers allows accurate straight cuts
  • Pistol shaped control grip enables smooth guiding and easy access to all functions as cutting oxygen, clutch operation and speed adjustment with just one hand
  • Cutting thickness up to 75 mm
  • User friendly maintenance

FlexiCut SCX
Portable cutting and welding at highest standards

The FlexiCut SCX is a motorized portable hand cutting machine for a wide range of applications. It allows different types of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting as well as automated welding due within a large speed range of up to 2.500 mm/min (max.). Parallel cuts (I, V, X, Y and K) can be done by setting up multiple burners accordingly. The FlexiCut SCX1300 model allows to cut strips from 85-1.200 mm width. For straight cutting applications, a special track is available in segments of 1.500 mm length. Even circle cuts are possible with the optional circle rail. The robust machine is equipped with an overriding clutch, and with motorized forward and reverse travel. Accurate fine travel control of each burner in the vertical plane and each burner assembly in the transverse plane is achieved by rack and pinion. The cutting height of each burner is automatically controlled by means of a jockey wheel, allowing a vertical movement of 50 mm. Cutting speed is precisely set due to a thyristor control. Carrying handles at the housing makes it easy to transport the FlexiCut SCX to and on the construction site.

The advantages

  • Excellent performance in straight, circle and bevel cutting
  • Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting as well as automated welding  
  • Robust and heat-proof machine for harsh environments  
  • Excellent traction for high precision cuts  
  • Cutting thickness up to 250 mm (oxy-fuel)
  • High speed of max 2.500 mm/min.
  • Cutting width up to 1.200 mm 
  • Max. circle cutting diameter of 3.400 mm  
  • User friendly control and easy maintenance

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