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Cable-Hole-Cutter A mobile, numerically controlled Oxy-Fuel cutting machine dedicated for processing cable hole inlets in monopile wind towers and any curved structures!

One of the unique patented capabilities of the SmartCut CHC machine is its ability to make angles holes (outlets) in any curved steel structure.

These holes (outlets) could be used as cable outlets i.e at monopile wind towers or outlets for pipes to be welded to curved steel structures at any angle from 0 to 50 degrees!

The machine comes with integrated solenoid valves, flame back flash arrestors, pressure reducers, as well as quick-release couplings for connection of a hose package to a gas supply or cylinder trolley.

The advantages

  • The geometry error in the Z direction caused by the curved material is compensated by control technology
  • The sturdy machine frame, secured via a retainer cage, can be rolled in and adjusted on the frame by one operator or even managed with a forklift
  • The required NC programs for standard cable holes are included
  • Optional a small PC based programming module is available to generate additional NC programs according to DIN 66025 based on macros or (CAD) DXF files
  • Good reproducibility
  • Easy user-friendly handling by remote pendant

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