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Solar Generators - The Concept

Self-Contained and versatile systems with total mobility to produce the optimum Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) where and when it is needed the most. Designed to act as mobile, or fixed in position, solar trackers for PV, HCPV, and Hydrogen based electricity generation with optimum Electricity yield and minimum site preparations.

These systems can be also configured as Self-Contained mobile ON- and OFF-Grid Solar PV, HCPV, and Hydrogen Electricity generation systems with build-in Energy Storage Systems. Designed within 20’ Sea shipping container-sized boxes for best transportation and handling flexibility.

Designed, Engineered, and produced to provide reliable services in tough environmental conditions.

Solar Generators - Mobility and Versatility

The patented Solar Generators come equipped with standard proven and certified PV panels, which are the best in their class in terms of power output and long-term reliability to ensure exceptionally high energy yield in tough working conditions. The same Solar Generators can also be equipped with HCPV solar Panels for even higher energy yield especially in high DNI regions.

These PV and HCPV system can be easily configured as ON-Grid and OFF-Grid mobile electricity generators with build-in Energy Storage Systems. Our Solar Generators require virtually no site preparation and installation. The built-in GPS system allows our Solar Generator to independently find the exact location of the sun in any area and then position the Solar Panels for highest possible energy yield. The built-in environment-monitoring instrument allows our Solar Generators to constantly monitor the internal and external environmental working conditions for maximum protection.

Solar Generators - Features and Applications

Solar powered systems that do not require any fuel except sunlight Mobile and self-contained systems that can be moved, located and operated at any location all around the world These highly versatile systems could be used in many applications:

  • Stand alone Solar PV and HCPV sun trackers for large-scale utility type solar farms projects. Optimum LCOE
  • Stand alone sun trackers for Solar-based Hydrogen generation systems.
  • Electricity generation in remote locations
  • Electricity generation for communication towers, especially in remote locations
  • Electricity and clean water supply for rescue and emergency operations
  • Electricity for surveillance cameras and monitoring equipment
  • Water purification systems
  • Water desalination systems
  • Irrigation water pumping and purification systems
  • Self-cleaning mechanism for the solar PV and HCPV panels to assure continuous service with steady output (Optional)
  • Real time data monitoring and recording
  • Built-in environment monitoring instrument allows for maximum systems protection in tough working conditions and sand storms.

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